Traditional home made

A speciality of our chef - an aromatic and creamy rice pudding with slices of fresh coconut, flavoured with saffron and cardamon.

Cinnamon Pear

Our Chef turns this simple fruit in an exotic, aromatic dessert. Slices of pear gently simmered in syrup of whole cinnamon served with dairy fresh cream.

Gulab Jaman with Ice Cream

A spongy textured sweet. A true delight.

Movenpick Ice Cream

Create your own selection (2 or 3 scoops)

Vanilla Dream

Premium vanilla ice cream with real vanilla including the most precious part of the seeds of the vanilla bean.


A creamy, fruity and refreshing ice cream embellished with delicate strawberry pieces.

Swiss Chocolate

Premium Swiss chocolate shavings blended in a creamy ice cream. The true treat for chocolate lovers.

Mint Chocolate

Refreshing mint ice cream with crunch pieces of chocolate. An irresistible creation.

Double Cream & Mergingue

The incomparable taste and texture of Swiss double cream from Gruyere with caramel coulis and pieces of meringue to add a satisfying crunch.


An incredibly velvety cinnamon ice cream made with Swiss milk, rich cream and a touch of a very fine cinnamon powder. An aromatic cinnamon ripple sauce niches this tryout authentic treat.

Cold Desserts

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Rich chocolate brownie made with whipped cream.

Cookie and Cream Cheesecake

A delicious smooth and creamy cheesecake.